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MY Parang review and feedback

Since starting making MY Parang in 2014 , we have received some very encouraging reviews and feedback. The ones we are able to gather are either from YouTube or from our re-seller’s websites. Some of the video reviews can be seen at this page .We have also put the videos of reviews and feedback on our YouTube channel . Drop by and don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel for the latest videos on reviews and feedback. We have some exciting videos coming soon !

We have also received many favorable reviews and feedback on our website and also on our re seller’s websites. Below are some of the screen shots we managed to get.










We believe that this not all , but there are others out there that we may have missed. If you come across any reviews or feedback, please let us know. We will have it put up here.

Also if you own a MY Parang product and have any feedback, good or constructive, please let us know. We are very eager to hear feedback .We are also on the search for people who might be interested to do video reviews of our products.

Drop us a message below at the comment section below, or send us an email at

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4 thoughts on “MY Parang review and feedback”

  1. I recently purchased a 12″ heavy-duty and I must admit I was sceptical at first . Mainly about the epoxy in what can be almost Arctic like conditions in the far northern USA . My concerns were quickly put to rest after extended two day outing in such conditions . I chopped wood , split wood performed fine enough task to start fires and food prep with the only short comings being my own lack of knowledge with this most excellent tool . I did use a folding saw for some work because my hands were cold (safety) but My Parang is a product line I trust/trusted to take care of me under those harsh conditions . I have no doubt you could too . I have Western version in different forms that I thought were good tools and I guess they are but this original is by far a superior tool as far as function . The balance makes it easier to use for extended use chopping and fine work alike . I could go on but I won’t , just get one you can thanks me and My Parang later .

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for the great review! We are happy to know that it does hold up in arctic like conditions. You have been using cutting tools well to appreciate the parang. As you have proven, there is not much to worry about and it’s mostly people’s mindset. Thank you again !

  2. love machete,
    i leave in seychelles, and go hiking every week end on trails, and now after did every trail ! i plan to do out pist, so i need a machete, !
    iam also in malesia for fiew months,
    and i would love order a custum from you , also i like to come to see how you build and shape your blade !

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