My Parang Nylon Sheath

my parang sheath back s
The MY Parang nylon sheath – available in 12″ , 13″ and 17″

Let’s have a closer look at the MY Parang Nylon sheath that comes with your MY Parang cutting tools.

my parang sheath front s
The back view of the MY Parang nylon sheath

Firstly, the sheath is made of 1000 D nylon, a robust and very abrasion resistant fabric. We chose Nylon over traditional material such as wood and leather due to the practicability of the material. Nylon is light, relatively cheap , strong , stable and dries fast. This is important as the sheath normally takes a beating when you are walking through rough terrain or are in the jungle. Sheaths scrape against rocks, tree trunks, get caught in vines and rattan fronds . You might also get them mud caked and wet while crawling or climbing over and under obstructions . The sheath does not have any drain holes but will slowly drain water out.  Nylon material will dry much faster compared to wood or leather.

my parang sheath width s
The sheath mouth opening

We have three lengths of the sheaths, the 12″ , the 13″ and the 17″ . The width of the sheaths are all the same – approximately 2.5″ wide. It looks much wider in the picture above , but it is really about 2.5″ wide. The sheaths will fit knives with a blade of up to two inches wide.

my parang sheath belt loop s my parang belt loop width sThe pictures above show the belt loop , all MY Parang nylon sheath come with a sewn in and reinforced belt loop . This belt loop can easily fit belts up to 3.5″ wide. Army and backpack hip belts will not be a problem.

my parang molle distance sAnother feature that you will notice on the MY Parang nylon sheath are the ” molle straps” going across the sheath. They are not true molle straps – their distances are more far apart – but they work fine for attaching small items to the sheath. As parang users ourselves, we often find that we tend to attache small items to our parang sheaths for example – a lighter, some rubber tube, a smaller knife and perhaps a small sharpening stone. By having these molle straps, a small pouch can be attached securely to hold these essential items safe and secure.

my parang sheath option 2 s
The Maxpedition single sheath paired with a Mora basic
my parang sheath option 3 s
The Mora basic is held very securely by the belt loop, and the bottom part of the knife sheath can be held down with some paracord or rubber inner tube.

my parang sheath option 1 sAs you can see from the above picture, the sheath can accommodate a small pouch such as the Maxpedition Single sheath pouch  and a Mora basic stainless steel fixed blade knife. You can actually fit most molle pouches and it’s a matter of personal choice. We leave the finer details for you to customize and suit your preference.

my parang sheath retention strap s
The handle retaining strap – keeps your parang secure
my parang sheath retention s
Your parang will not fall off even when held upside down.
my parang retainer loop s
The handle retaining strap can accommodate handles up to 1.5″ in diameter

To add security to the MY Parang nylon sheath and to prevent your parang from falling out , we have included a handle retainer strap. Unlike most knife sheaths, the retainer strap works poorly and some knives fall out when you hold the sheath upside down. This is more apparent if the handle is round and does not have a choil / quillon / guard .  In some sheaths , we have even see the knife fall out  AND cut the retainer strap off. That’s not a good design in our opinion. The handle retaining strap on the MY Parang nylon sheath has a Velcro closure so it can accommodate various handle diameter and shapes, plus it does not drop your parang or knife when holding the sheath upside down.

my parang sheath collar 2 s
The end of the bolster should be resting on the rim of the sheath opening

When the parang is in it’s sheath, the end of the bolster should be resting on the rim of the sheath opening. The blade tip inside the sheath should be hanging free and not touching the end of the sheath. This is best for the parang and sheath, though it may rattle a bit when you are moving around.

my parang sheath collar sIf you are bothered by this, you can also temporarily secure the parang loosely in its sheath by pushing the bolster into the sheath opening. Be careful when doing this , do not force the blade too hard down as it will cut through the sheath and potentially injure you. Alternatively, squeeze the sheath with your fingers so that the bolster drops in. This is not the best way to sheath your parang, and whenever possible, use the handle retainer strap with the bolster resting on the sheath rim.