Parang Rintis

MY Parang – Parang Rintis 12″

The MY Parang – Parang Rintis

Parang Rintis
Parang Rintis

Slim, thin and with a gentled – curved – sickle – like blade, the Parang Rintis is an excellent tool for clearing shrubs , weeds and tall grass. It was designed to be light and easy to maneuver while able to have some reach. It’s inward – curved  edge makes cutting thin and stringy plants and vines a breeze . If any of you have tried cutting rattan leaves and the resam fern,  you know what I mean.

It is also suitable for small brances, up to thumb size. You can cut bigger diameters, but it will require more strokes to cut as this parang is slightly on the light side.

Rintis means Pioneering and is suitably named as we see this parang being popular with mountain climbers, hikers and those who venture deep into the jungle to fish. Paired with our slim sheath ,Light weight, 12 inches long and great slashing abilities are all it’s forte .

Specifications for the MY Parang – Parang Rintis 12″ are as follows:

  • Blade length : 30 cm / 12  in
  • Handle length: 17 cm / 6.7 in
  • Overall length: 47 cm / 18.7 in
  • Widest blade: 3.7 cm / 1.5 in
  • Weight ( blade and handle ) : 360 grams / 12.7 oz
  • Sheath length: 34.5  cm / 13.5 in
  • Width: 6.5 cm / 2.5  in
  • Weight: 150 grams / 5.3 oz
  • Gross weight : 510  grams / 16.0 oz

Release for sale in Malaysia on the 17th October 2019 . It might take a few months to reach international dealers. Click here to see where they are sold 

2 thoughts on “MY Parang – Parang Rintis 12″”

  1. Hello, I am from the island of Guam, U.S.A. I am interested in purchasing a Parang Rintis and made an attempt to locate the item with both stores (Blade HQ or to which my surprise DID NOT have the item in stock nor was it advertised as being available at all. With that said…., what is my next alternative?

    1. Hi Ed Perez,

      I remember you! We sent them an order sometime in December 2019, so they should be in stores by now. If not, you can contact our dealer – , they send internationally

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