Parang Panjang

Parang Panjang

Panjang basically means long, so a parang panjang means a long parang. This particular parang is a sample sent by one of my supplier from Sarawak. It is very well made. The parang panjang blade itself is not polished or shiny, but has a very sharp working edge. Long parangs are suitable for slashing weeds and cutting small limbs. They are not the best for chopping large pieces of wood, or for batoning as they are generally lighter in weight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can see from the picture above, the parang panjang handle is very comfortable without any lumps , angular or rough spots. The bolster also has a simple weaving using mono filament line , which matches the bands on the sheath. The sheath and handle is sanded smooth and finished with some layers of lacquer. Currently this parang sits in my office, but I intend to give it  a good workout soon. The first thing i would do it to roughen up the handle a bit, as i don’t like using shinny handles which become slippery once my hands perspire.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a picture of the parang panjang spine, and as you can see, the blade tapers , form about 4mm near the handle to about 2 mm at the tip. This makes the parang amazingly light to hold and quick, but while it is light, it’s chopping power comes from it’s length.

This parang is quite a long piece at 2 feet or about 60 cm. You can’t really hang it from your waist like a conventional parang as if you kneel, the bottom of the parang will hit the ground. So to carry this parang panjang you will need to carry it horizontally, like this post I made previously –

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