MY Parang – On Ray Mears website

MY Parang is now sold on the Ray Mears website !

my parang sold by ray mears
my parang sold by ray mears

Anyway, we believe this may be old news to some people, but we are proud to mention that our Parangs are now sold on the Ray Mears website ( ) . We feel thoroughly honored by this as the Ray Mears website is known to be very picky. They only sell proper and usable equipment , not whatever that sells. They have a senior team of instructors who will test and evaluate the equipment . Once this is done, then only will they decide to sell it or not on the Ray Mears website .

At the moment they are only selling the 10″ MY Parang Duku Chandong but we are happy enough. We would like to thank those who have helped us so much in the process of getting the Parangs evaluated by the Ray Mears team and also for being persistent enough. It wasn’t  easy, not did it happen overnight .

Ray Mears is an icon known throughout the world for his love and expertise in field of bushcraft . If you have not heard of Ray Mears, then you better hop on youtube and see who he is.

Below are some videos of Ray using a similar Duku Chandong.