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  1. Hello, good day. Do you have a store to purchase a parang? Or how can I order one? Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  2. G’day,

    I’m in Australia and would like to buy some parangs for resale. Can you help me.



  3. Hi, I am residing in Padang Serai and have a few of your parangs. I was wondering, if I can order a customized full tang parang.
    Please advise.
    Faz (Tokwan)

    1. Hi Faz,
      Thank you for the comment. Try contacting outdoor Dynamics in Penang, they may have some limited edition MYparang full tang duku chandongs

  4. Hi I was wanting to order a Parang from you, I live in Victoria Australia and recently trecked around Borneo, and saw Parangs being used. I would love to purchase one of you hand made parangs. Please advise how I can order one .
    Kind Regards

  5. Just got a golok 125 and I am very pleased with it.Pricey with the wooden handle in the uk ,so I am still very interested in the plastic handle versions of outdoor dynamics.


    1. HI Steve,
      Thank you for the kind comments. They are not actually expensive , as the price you paid includes shipping from Malaysia and your local taxes. Shipping direct from Malaysia would be just or more expensive. plus you don’t have to wait two weeks for it to arrive.

      Have fun using your parang and be safe!

  7. Good day I would like to know more about the shipping taxes. If I would order a Parang from Romania how much would the shipping cost?

  8. Hi,
    I am interested in becoming a dealer and placing bulk orders. Could you please provide trade information?

    Regards. Ian

  9. I am currently in the United States. I’ve checked the parang options on BladeHQ. Is there any way to order a Parang with a wooden sheath instead?

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately we do not have any with wooden sheaths. You will need to have them made yourself .

      1. I think you are missing a big opportunity by not selling either a wooden or leather sheath with your parangs as an optional extra. The duku chandong 12 and 10 inch parangs would certainly benefit from buyers having the option to purchase a purpose built sheath for the parang. I have very limited ability to make an appropriate sheath myself, and to be honest, having spent so much money on buying such a lovely parang, I would want a properly made specifc sheath for the parang I have. And I would be prepared to buy good money to buy such a sheath.

        1. Hi Mark,
          Thank you for the comments. We appreciate it.
          The sheaths are nylon for a reason , actually quite a few. One is that we have previously sent wooden sheath overseas and have a lot of issues with them. The wooden sheath cracking and splitting was one problem. We believe it is due to the moisture content of the wood. We also had a few where the wooden sheaths shrunk after a few months in colder climates, making them impossible to pull out.

          Wooden sheaths are also much harder to make , more expensive and time consuming .

          Having said that, we do understand a good sheath , and a good sheath is quite subjective. Some like Kydex, Leather, wood or Nylon. It would be prohibitive for us to offer different sheath options for every or even a few models we make. And in the case of Kydex, we can’t make them in bulk as each parang varies slightly in shape, so every kydex sheath needs to be accompanied by it’s own parang.

          There are many talented craftsmen out there who are able to make a beautiful sheath , either in wood or leather. By us providing a basic sheath , the customer is able to customize to his liking. We’d rather concentrate on providing an excellent tool to start with , accompanied by a functional sheath. We believe the tool is the upmost priority , The sheath functional and not too expensive that prevents the owner from customizing a new one.

          I hope that makes sense

  10. Hi, is it possible for you to custom make a kukri? I think the heavier end will be easier for most chopping task. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thank you for the comment. at the moment we do not make any custom orders. We also try and make our products as to what the locals use. I believe you can find custom khukri makers in Nepal.

  11. Hello, I just have a question whether or not there is any way to get a very simple leather for one of your parangs, as the nylon sheath doesn’t really do it for me 😀 Thanks and have a great day 🙂

    1. Hi Honza,
      we do not make leather sheaths. if you would like one, you will need to source for a maker yourself. sorry for not being able to help much

  12. Very informative website, and your product looks to be of fine quality. I’d like to ask if it would be possible to purchase just a sheath – 12″ size – and what it might cost including shipping to the US. The US retailers noted on your site unfortunately don’t seem to offer the sheaths alone.

    Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

    Best regards.

    Bill T

    1. hi Bill, do sell the sheath only , but there will be additional shipping charges. I suggest you contact them to check.

  13. Hi, I am interested to be a distributor for export market. Please contact me.

    Alan Gerad

  14. Hi there. I’m trying to buy one of your 12″ duku parangs through Amazon. The company posting it on amazon is Jenoba Outdoors. (I have an Amazon gift card for my birthday that I need to use which is why I’m going through Amazon and not your store sadly) The link:

    Do you guys have issues with companies making fake MyParang blades and is this on legitimate?


  15. Dimana alamat kamu?saya berminat nak lihat sendiri parang2 ini.Juga saya nak tahu adakah and ajuga boleh buat parang atas permintaan ..atau hanya pengedar sahaja.saya ingin pesan buatkan “Throwing knife”yang jaid sukan kegemaran saya…kalau nak impot mmg tak lepas kastam.bagaimana?

  16. Salam brother!

    saya nak tahu lokasi kilang atau outlet sekitar perak yg boleh sy dapatkan terus parang saudara yg berkualiti.

    1. Wlkmslm encik Zaidi,

      Buat masa ini kami tidak ada agen di Perak. Tapi agen kami yang lain boleh hantar ke Perak, tuan cuba hubungi mereka.

  17. Hey guys, I just received my MY Parang Machete from KnifeCenter, and this thing is awesome. Solid, sharp, and extremely high quality construction. I’m delighted with it – many thanks.
    Just a quick question: what oil would you recommend for the handle?

    1. Hi Dave V,
      Thank you for the purchase and we’re glad you like it. It will serve you well. The handle is dipped in Shellac and does not really need an oil coating. but if you prefer, I am sure Boiled Linseed oil would do no harm.

    1. Hi Nolan,

      Thank you for dropping by to comment. We treated the wood with shellac, so you don’t really need to condition the wood. If you prefer to do so, you can use linseed oil for sure.


  19. I have the lighter of your duku chandong models and noticed some splitting in the black resin in the copper collar against the bottom of the blade. The blade feels perfectly stable in the handle. Is this something to worry about or a normal consequence of use?

    Your duku chandong parang is very nicely made with excellent balance and it easily outperforms bigger/heavier tools

    1. hi MarkA ,

      Thank you for the comment. We will drop you an email shortly to find out in more detail what you mentioned.

  20. Do u guys ship to Sarawak? If u do, will the shipment be confiscated during the shipping period?

    1. Hi, thank you for the question.
      yes, it is possible to ship to Sarawak. we have sent them in the past with no problem. Please contact Outdoor Dynamics to make a purchase.

  21. Hi,

    How much are you selling the Duku Chandong 12″ Light and the 10″ Duku in Malaysia?

    Appreciate a quote. Thanks.

  22. I already own a My Parang , Lovely tool but my concern is the epoxy resin used . I live in a cold weather çlimate and was wondering if it had been tested in cold çlimates/conditions it almost appears to be a type of plastic , if that is the case will it beçome brittle and fracture from repeated impact from chopping ?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for the comment and valid concern. As far as our testing , we have not been able to test it under cold weather climate. There has been reports from other users that they work fine though. Keep and eye for any movement or cracking in the epoxy. By all means, the parang will not come flying out even if the epoxy is cracked. Keep us informed !

  23. Hello, I was in the market for buying either a Parang Kepala Burungm or a Parang Panjang made by Bidor from a local distributor, I was curious if some input could be given on what these two types of parangs are used for? Also would the width of the spine affect chopping power on these two parangs as they’re around the same as an average changdong. Finally what would you recommend as a sheath for such long parangs?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

    1. Hi Alex,
      I believe you saw them at Long parangs are generally used for slashing weeds and clearing small brush. They are not really made for chopping. Their length is offset by the thinner and lighter construction , as heavier choppers are shorter and stout. it would be very awkward and tiring to chop with a 16″ long and heavy parang. Not to mention dangerous too…

      Sheath wise , you could go for a custom made leather or kydex sheath. if you are a DIY person, a flattened PVC pipe would be a great weekend project.

    1. Hi Fahmi,
      Thank you for dropping a message. Unfortunaltey we do not make 19 and 27″ parangs. the longest we make is 12″ and the shortest – 10″

  24. Hi my name is Adolfo, I have a golok 135 but I like to replace
    the plastic handle fora wooden handle, like one of the one that you show in you website, my question is, Did you sell only the wooden handle for Golok 135?

    1. Hi Adolfo,
      Thank you for the message.
      Unfortunately we do not sell the handles for the Golok 135. The only way to change it is to make your own or but the MY Parang golok 135.

  25. Hi? Where can I buy a Parang Chandong (Thick) with Sheath? Am living in Klang. Any outlet nearby? Thanks!

  26. Hi,

    I would like to buy one of your Parang Duku Chandong 12″ Heavy for a special friend that used to be in the Gurkhas but he lost his Kukri, so that is why I want to buy him this gift. He has helped me and my wife beyond his line of duty.
    I live in Spain can you help me?

    Thank you

  27. Hi, Great looking Parangs. Do you send them out for independent review?
    I’m in Australia. let me know.
    YT channel rated 13th out of 50 of the best YT channels on camping etc.
    Please check it out.

    1. Hi Francis,
      Thank you for the time to drop by and comment.
      We don’t give free parangs anymore for reviews , or discounted for that matter. We’ve been cheated a few times in the past. If you still are interested, drop me an email and we could work something out.

  28. Hi, I own a golok from you guys. Have been using it for a few years. Recently the epoxy cracked during chopping. Is there anyway i can send it back for repairs? If so, how much would it be?

  29. I’m wondering what the temperature range is for the epoxy as far as safety ? I live in a çlimate where it can get below 0 degrees Fahrenheit easily at times . Is this epoxy rated to safely use in such çlimates ?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for the question. I will check with the manufacturer of the epoxy and let you know .

  30. Hello, I’m interested in the possibly reselling here in the US. My company specializes in sustainable gardening and we’re interested in adding some quality tools to our inventory. Can you please provide some information on the requirements of selling your tool?
    Thanks, Dave

  31. Good day

    I would like to know where I may purchase these parangs, outdoor dynamics website is down and the email I set them bounced? Is outdoor dynamics still in operation?

  32. Hi there,

    Just received my first parang purchased from Ray Mears Woodlore site. First time out of the sheath noticed that it was not very sharp. Am keen to find some information on sharpening parangs. Do you have any articles you csn refer me to? Thanks!


    1. Hi Alex,
      Thank you for buying from Woodlore and for dropping by. We have planned for a sharpening video, but it is not ready yet. for the time being, you could check on youtube on how to sharpen a machete. There is a youtube channel called “junglecrafty” and he has some videos on how to sharpen a parang.

      We are also looking at ways to improve our production and one of them is pre-packing sharpening .

  33. Hello,
    I was looking for a replacement sheath for my Duku Chandong 12 inch Machete by My Parang. I lost the original sheath. Do you have any recommendations where to get another? I will need it shipped to the USA.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Zach,
      We do have replacement sheaths ,but they may be a bit pricey to send to the USA. You could opt for a Kydex sheath made in the USA. Otherwise send me an email and I can get you one ( )

  34. I want to order something authentic like the Duku Chandongs pictured in your personal collection blog. Please email me about options. Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately we do not have any of those similar to the ones pictures in our personal collection. They are rare and scarce to find.

  35. Salam tuan.
    Tumpang bertanya. Bolehkah saya tempah parang custom berdasarkan saiz dan panjang yg saya inginkan?

  36. Hi, I have 2 of Myparang model – 12” Duku Chandong & Lading (excellent parang). While cleaning the handle, I noticed the the stained or coating on the beech handle is also rubbed off as well. I’d appreciate if you could tell me What do you use to stain or coat the handle with? I’d like to restore the darkish tone back to the handle. Cheers,

    1. Hi Tom,
      You could re-dip the handle in some diluted black paint. Dilute it until it is like weak coffee.

  37. Hi,
    I have 3 of Myparang (Duku Chandong, Golok & Lading). While I was cleaning them after a hard day work, I noticed that the stain came off the handle, making the wooden handle look lighter in tone. I like the dark tone of the handle & was wondering if you could tell me what do you use to coat or protect the handle with originally? Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      We used a dark coloured shellac which raises the wood grain and gives it some grip. You could possibly replicate it by using very diluted black paint and dip the handle in.

  38. Hello, I have to decide which Parang to buy and I mainly want to use it for clearing the path in the jungle while doing fieldwork in Africa. This involves mainly twigs and grass. I do not want to use it for chopping wood at all. It should be light because I am going hike through the jungle for many hours. Which one is the best model to buy for this purpose?
    What is the difference between the The MY Parang – Parang Tangkin 12 inches and the The MY Parang – Parang Doku 12 inches?
    Best regards

    1. Hi Tyler,
      Apologies for the late reply.
      For trail cleaning, We would recommend the new Golok 115. It should be available internationally in about a month.
      It is a lighter version of all the other parangs while providing the correct amount of heft and length

  39. Hi, i am writing from Singapore and wanting to buy a 10 inch duku chandong. But it seems that none of the retailers carry that one anymore. Do you still make the 10 inches one? Where could i buy one? Outdoor Dynamics website is down too.

    1. Hi Garcia, Apologies for the late reply. Please check again, some of our dealers have restocked recently.

  40. Hey guys, I made a sheath for my MyParang – do where can I send the pics/video so you can see it?
    Dave Vetter

  41. Hello there in Malaysia.
    I just bought a Parang Duku Chandong 12″ Machete with Nylon Sheath in Amazon a few day ago. I didn’t have the chance to tested, but i will. I’m writing to you to know if i can put a “hatchet lanyard” or “wrist lanyard” without braking the wood ?

    1. Hi Juan, Parangs do not normally come with a with a wrist lanyard. However, you can install one by tying a short piece of paracord on the blade , near the choil. Please do not drill any holes as this might weaken it and will void its lifetime warranty.

  42. Im in central alberta canada.
    Looking for a dealer..
    Who has a duku and bulin much canadian dollar and shipping?

    1. Hi Brad,

      We don’t have a complete list of who sells and what they have in stock. Best would be to Google a dealer nearest to you.

  43. Assalamu’alaikum,nama Hisan Osman,saya dari Ipoh.
    Saya nak tanya,boleh tak buatkan untuk saya parang lading yg panjangnya 10 inci,kurangkan 2 inci dari yg di buat sekarang ?

    1. Wa’alaikumsalam En Hisan,

      Maaf, buat masa ini kami tidak menawarkan perkhidmatan membuat parang secara tempahan.

  44. I really want a smaller duku than my 10″. It is a little too heavy for multi day hiking. A 7″ish blade would about right. The quality of a Bidor made parang is unbeatable but I can’t seem to find any on the market. Does anyone have any advice?

    1. Hi Petrified 🙂 We have an 8″ version of the Chandong coming out end of the year. I know you are going to love it.

  45. Hi I’m interested in becoming a dealer.
    Would you please share some more information about it?

    1. Hi Nelson!
      Thank you for contacting us. We have already sent you an email regarding becoming our MyParang dealer. Kindly take a look and do contact us if you have any questions okay? Thank you!

  46. Dear Sirs:
    Greetings. I purchased a new Myparang Golok 135 which I have yet to use. During storage, due to the poor design and quality of the OEM black nylon sheath, the golok blade tip poked through the sheath. The sheath is now unserviceable. Moreover, in its current condition, it poses a safety hazard. Would you please replace under warranty the defective and unserviceable OEM nylon sheath with a sheath of different design and/or material which is safe and serviceable? At this point, I can not safely carry my golok. I would be glad to email you a photo of the defective sheath. Thank you.

  47. Dear My Parang, why did you discontinue the Tangkin? I would like to purchase one, do you have anymore left in stock? Thanks. Do contact me at my email.

  48. Hello Guys. I’m a big fan of the older style of Bidor-made parangs, that have the plastic handle ( I like the weight etc ) Are you selling these anymore? Is there any way I could be put into contact with anyone who might have any? Thanks! I’m in the US. thanks so much .


  49. Hi,
    I’m looking to get a few of your Duku Chadong and Tangkin for my farm use. Where can I get them in KL(near Damansara Mutiara)

  50. Hy. Can i ask how this 5160 steel perform in winter…
    I dont want to brake my beautiful 10″duku chandong
    Best regards from SLOVENIA

    1. Hi Darjan,
      So far we have not had any complaints. we do have many users based in cold countries including Sweden and Canada. They seem to be holding up fine

  51. Dear My Parang,
    I have three of your parangs, which I like a lot. I have just acuired the little 8 inch Duku parang. In my opinion, this model would benefit from being slimmer and lighter, so it could be used really fast on thinner vines, brambles, etc. This model is just too chunky for its purpose, IMO!
    I really don’t like the sheath. For comparison, I put this smaller model in one of the sheaths for a larger model. The handle goes in much deeper (and MUCH more securely) so one doesn’t really need the horrid Velcro retaining strap. Just supply them with the larger sheath! Simple! Also, black is COMPLETELY the wrong colour for these sheaths. Why not jungle green, khaki, brown? Anything but black!
    Very good products, otherwise.
    Regards, Tony Deacon

    1. Hi Deacon,
      Thank you for the comments, we appreciate it. We will take into consideration your suggestions.

      As for the sheath, I believe that’s an opportunity for you to upgrade it. There are many sheath makers out there who are capable of doing excellent work. You have a huge selection of materials, from leather to Kydex and a variety of colours to suit what you want. Bling it !

  52. Hi, can you repair my parang/knife. The handle is loose. It turns. I bought it online.

    Hi. Boleh repair parang tak? Handle parang sy longgar dan berpusing. Sy beli online.
    Hope can wassap me at 0163014139.

    1. Kami hanya membaiki / menggantikan parang keluaran MY Parang sahaja. kalau parang buatan tukang lain, kami tidak berkemampuan untuk membaikinya

  53. Hello myparang I am curious as to why my new parang doesn’t have the bidor stamp on it. It has a 555 stamp instead can you give me any information on this 555 brand? Can it hold up on the quality of the bidor ?

    Thank you for any information you can give me.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thank you for the email and for purchasing our products.
      The 555 stamp is only on the Golok Perak and Parang Lading. The blades are made by another maker, not in Bidor. They are the same quality and are backed by our lifetime warranty.

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