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Hi there!

If you are looking for information and Malaysian Parangs, you have come to the right place. We will be featuring some local made parangs and goloks ie shapes , material  and use . We understand that parangs are well known, but little information is available regarding them, therefore this blog is to share the local knowledge on parangs and goloks.

We also parang ( MY parang – brand ) makers based in Penang Malaysia. Our Parangs are made for the export market and is sold throughout the world – from Thailand  and all the way to Canada.

If you are a knife / machete retailer and are interested in selling or retailing authentic parangs , golok and duku chandongs from Malaysia, do drop us an email at boss@myparang.com or just use the contact us form. We will reply as soon as we are able to . We are looking for Internationale retailers and distributors to widen our market.

Stay tuned as we will be adding some interesting news as well as interesting products soon!

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71 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. very informative website.keep up the good work.
    i’d like to get one ray mears parang. do you have one available for sale. i live in bangkok thailand.

  2. Thank you Hutasing. At the moment we are setting up our workshop and once it it done, we will have some parangs to sell.

    Keep visiting more articles to come

  3. Very pleased to find this site!
    I have been to Malaysia many times over the years and always bring parangs back as I spend a lot of time wild camping in both the UK and NZ
    I would be very keen to wholesale parangs from you and sell through my existing business-which we are looking to diversify into traditional bush craft tools and clothes.
    Please contact me at your conveniance,
    Kind regards,
    Tim mackenzie

    1. Hi there Tim,

      Great stuff! Malaysia welcomes you back, even better if it’s for good. Anyway we’ll drop you an email soon.

  4. Good to see the first lot has arrived!
    Will the beautiful dug out wooden sheaths be coming along too soon?

    1. Hi Jirada, as for now, we’re selling them without sheath, but some nylon ones are being made as we speak. Wooden ones are too expensive and time consuming, though we are considering them for special runs or batches.

  5. I’m very interested in a parang kota betud ,if is possible to have a catalog/I know for a fact that this knife is amazing/thank you
    Ricardo Quintana

    1. Hi Quitana,
      Thank you for the comment. At the moment we do not have these type of parang yet. We will be adding more as we go along, including some new designs.

  6. I have not been without a Parang since I was given my first one in 1971 while in Laos. I return to that area of the world several times a year and always bring back several as gifts for friends. My original is now retired and part of a display coffee table of my gear from back in the day in my study. I prefer the Candung blade style an geometry over the more Bolo shape style. Over the years the collection of these versital blades has grown to include those issued by the British Military and a selection by various blade smiths of Malyasia and several others who have picked up on its universal design and appeal. Was very pleased to find this web site and look forward to seeing more here

    1. Hi Pete,
      Thank you for dropping by myparang.com and for the kind comments. I am pretty sure the parang has grown onto you as well. Many whom have picked one up find it hard to put down.

      Keep coming for the updates!

  7. Hi, I have a golok, a parang and duku chandung from you. I would like to know if I can get a customized order.

  8. Im from Philippines and I love to have a Parang and Golok, where can I buy it and how much will it cost? Please! send me a Email, cuz it will be a great piece to have for bushcrafting.

    1. Still waiting for the email sir.. Didn’t received any emails yet.. How for the Parang Machete and shipped to the Philippines.. And I wish that you’ll plan to make a store here for be accessible for us.. Cuz so many people do love bushcrafting here..

      1. HI Aldrin,

        We sent you an email some time ago but I suppose you did not receive it. I will be sending another after this reply, so please check, including your spam folder, just in case.

  9. Hello,

    What is the difference between the MyParang 12″ Duku Machete VS. MyParang 12″ Duku Chandong Machete??? They seem to be identical.


    1. Hi Anna,

      Thank you for the comment.
      We are not aware of the myParang 12″ Duku Machete , do you have a link to it? At the moment we only have the 10″ , 12″ duku chandong, 12″ Duku chandong Heavy, the golok 125 and the golok 135.

      1. Thank you for your reply.

        Here are the model numbers that were on the boxes…
        Duku: MYP CDG 12 S
        Duku Chandong: MYP CDGT S 12

        I checked both knives and they are identical. I am not sure what the difference between the two are. Unless they are the same knife and the model numbers were changed in the middle of production? The dealer probably thought they were different models (due to the different model numbers) and posted them separately?

        1. Hi Anna,
          Thank you for the additional information. the MYP CDGT S 12 is the heavier version of the Chandong. Everything else is the same , except the weight. We have had many requests in the past for a longer chandong, but making it longer would not be practical, therefore we increased the thickness , hence the heavier weight. The heavier weight is more suitable for chopping bigger trees.

          I hope that clears the air…..

  10. A barong with a 15” blade would be popular with followers of Filipino Martial Arts. We struggle to find genuine barong here in the UK.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for the suggestion. We do have one that resembles a Barong slightly, but it is not out for sale yet.

  11. Iv just received the parang on Ray mears website, made by you guys. It’s a lovely piece of workman ship. Would like some how in time to purchase the whole set

    1. Hi Jo,
      Thank you for the kind comments. we are glad that you like the parang. Enjoy using it and have fun!

  12. Hi, i was wondering if you were planning on releasing full tang versions of parangs and goloks. I would be very interested in that and from what I’ve heard, so will many others. Do let me know.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thank you for taking time to post here. We have some plans for full tang versions, but it will take some time to have things finalized. It will come, dont worry. 🙂

  13. Hello. First Let me tell you I loved you products. Great quality and just beautiful blades.

    I have all of them lol
    So my question is…. Are you gonna make new designs? Or a new versions of the ones you already have ? Like a longer golok etc …
    Or do you make any custom designs ?

    1. Hi Lino,
      Thank you for buying MY Parang. We are very happy to know that you like them. Yes, we do have new designs, but they will not be released so soon. Perhaps by end of the year. We do have plans and prototypes of longer ( up to 16″ ) parangs, but we have not mass produced them yet. Keep cehcking, as we will update this website once we have new models .

  14. I’m really interesting with the parang, You been shown here. How do I order, can you give me the C.O.D. Form, So I can bank in onto your Account. The type of Parang code:/ Style: it make easy to selecting orders to purchase. Here my Address: Lot 3844 Taman Desa Senadin, Jalan MaiGold, Phase 2C, Stage-2, Lorong 2C-3D, 98107 Miri Sarawak.

  15. I just ordered one of your Duku Heavy blades and look forward to receiving it very much. In the past I have ordered the plain version of the 125 Golock and several other models…then drifted the pin out and sawed off the plastic handle to re-do them. I also used copper pipe as a bolster. I’ve used burl, ironwood and even scrimmed antler for handles. The heavy model is new to me and for what I use these for, it will be ideal. Thanks for a great product.

    1. Hi Blackhorse,
      Thank you for the recent purchase. I believe you have been happy with the previous blades ( of course not with the handle 🙂 ) . Send us some pictures of the parangs with their new handles and we will put it up in this website. send it to boss@myparang.com.
      Thanks !

  16. My late son returned from Sumba with five locally made panangs. How would you suggest that I get rid of them? We don’t have many local head hunters in Berkeley.

    1. Hi George,
      Thank you for the email . Those parangs must be very interesting. As to getting rid of them, perhaps you could put them up on Ebay or post it up on the numerous knife forums. Good luck in your sale !

  17. Hello. I know you make parang but wondering if you make gardening scythes or sickles to cut grass. I search every where for years i cant find one.

    1. Hi Loh,
      Sorry we do not sell scythes or sickles. Your best bet are hardware shops in the villages. Most of them carry a whole array.

  18. Hello from Poland ,
    im interested in selling parangs in Poland. Im using some of them last 25 years since i bouhgt one in Kota Belud in Borneo while on Camel Trophy event . Please send me price list and all info .

  19. Hello there.
    I accidentally roamed into your website and I fell in love with your work. Very beautufull and nice work.
    Unfortunally I cant buy a parang since I’m travelling alot now and taking many flights on my trip around Asia from Iceland. I am actually in Penang now for the next 40 days.
    I was searcing on the internet for some blacksmith classes or any metal crafting classes close to me, but I found nothing.
    Do you know of any such classes around Penang.
    Also I would love to come and visit and see the progress for my self.

    1. Hi Daniel
      Thank you for the message, Unfortunately Penang does not have that facility. There are more blacksmiths in the east coast and some are scattered in the north as well.

  20. i already make a order from my jungle sifu Pendekar Rimba .. just waiting for the stock to come …
    nice design & quality

  21. Sy minat golok lasak utk menebang pokok dan menebas…berapa harga…dan golok mana yg sesuai…sy org baru dlm ilmu parang

    1. Menebang dan Menebas adalah dua yang berlainan.

      Untuk menebang, elok cari parang yang lebih berat – Golok 135 , Chandong Heavy , Parang Bulan dan Parang Lading

      Untuk menebas, elok guna yang agak ringan dan panjang – Golok 125, Tangkin , chandong 12 , machete

    1. Kalau untuk lasak seperti tulang lembu , buluh kering, elok ambil model selain model golok. Model lain matanya lebih tebal dan sangat tahan

  22. Hi there.. I am from Johor Bahru and would like to buy one unit parang for my daily usage. Yours look very strong, sharp and unique compared to the one available in the hardware shop. Is there any possibility i buy on line or maybe you have any agent or outlets in Johor Bahru area? You may contact me via ws or call at 0198616500 Abdul Razak

  23. Good Day Sir,

    Your product price range is below RM100 or Above RM100, to avoid buying a fake one

  24. Id like to buy a full tang kapak should you ever decide to make them. I have a photo of what I want, its an Indonesian kapak that the govt wont allow to be exported. There are one or two makers of kapak here in Malaysia but the work is rough and lacking of any beauty. I can see in your work that you are definitely trying harder.

  25. saya nak parang panjang kegunaan menebas semak samun di kebun. panjang dalam 30″ , my parang ada ?

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