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Buy MY Parang in Russia

We would like to welcome our new distributor in Russia , Forest Home . If you want to look for an authentic parang, please contact them as per the details below. They have a  wonderful shop selling outdoor equipment and edged tools
Forest-Home store
191023, Saint-Petersburg,
Aprkasin lane, 12.
e : info@forest-home.ru
w: www.forest-home.ru
t: 8 (812) 748-24-18
t: 8 (812) 642-72-26
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/forestandhome
Instagram: http://instagram.com/forestandhome

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MY Parang – Parang Machete

Another new model for 2015! This time it’s a very familiar parang shape that most people would recognize. People always refer to the Parang as a “Parang Machete” , so here is our version of the famous Latin American chopper!

MY Parang -  Parang Machete
MY Parang – Parang Machete

One glance and you will know that this model is modeled after the machete. However, machetes are normally made of thin steel and is usually long. For this parang machete, we made the blade 12 inches, and of course with thicker steel and with a distal taper. The result is a very light chopper which is very quick in the hand, but chops very well. If you are looking for something light and a chopper which you can chop all day long, this one is an excellent contender.

The flat edge makes it very easy to sharpen , and sharpening a Bidor made parang is always a pleasure.

I know some of you will be asking for a longer version – 14″ , 16 ” etc. we may look into that, but for the moment, lets enjoy the 12″ version first. Try it and you will definitely be impressed!

Here are some stats for those who like numbers:

– Blade length – 30.5 cm / 12 in
– Handle length – 17 cm / 6.7 in
– Overall length – 47 cm / 18.5 in
– Widest blade – 5.0 cm / 2.0 in
– Weight – 560 grams / 19.8 oz
– Gross weight ( with sheath and box )  – 850 gram / 30.0 oz

my parang bulan 3 my parang machete 1All the other goodies like the Nylon sheath, squared spine, stick tang, distal taper, 5160 high carbon steel , zone hardened ,  wooden handle with pin are on this parang as well. Not to forget, hand – made.

We are also in the process of making a video on the Parang Machete and we will update the video page once it is done and uploaded.

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A look at current MY Parang products

my parang
The types of parang and goloks MY Parang produces

Currently MY Parang products consists  two types of parangs – the Duku Chandong and the Golok. The Duku Chandong comes in three variations – the 12 inch, the 10 inch and the 12 inch heavy . As for the Golok, they come in two variations – the 125 and the 135. Below we look at them more closely , in fact this post will be more pictures than words. Enjoy!

General overview of MY Parang Products

my parang forge marks
Real forge marks , not stamped by machines
my parang blade forge marks
Each blade is different and there will never be two of the same
my parang genuine bidor stamp
The real Bidor stamps , the sign of authenticity

The blade which is made of 5160 high carbon steel or commonly know as leaf spring steel and has real forge marks not those fake machine stamped  one you see in other commercial brands. The blades are hand forged  and each one is unique.

my parang wooden handleThe handle is made of Eco – wood sourced from Croatia. They are farmed Beech wood and are a renewable resource. The handle shape is of a simple and traditional design . It has been proven to be a very comfortable handle and will not give you any blisters despite chopping away for hours.

my parang handle width
The width of the handle is approximately 1″ , it looks smaller it the photo due to the camera wide angle lens.
my parang handle length
Overall length of the handle is about 6.5″ , large enough for most hands.

We have made the handle slightly longer to accommodate large hands. The handle design enables various grips comfortably , from choking up to the blade, to holding the handle way back . Various handle position enables different cutting tasks. Unlike some modern parangs, their handle has guards and choils which hinder this natural use of the handle.

my parang sanded spine
The spine is sanded square
my parang spine thickness
Spine thickness near the handle – about 7/32″ or 5mm
my parang distal taper
Spine thickness at the tip – 1/8″ or about 3mm

Another great feature of MY Parang products is that all the blades has a distal taper. This improves the balance of the parang, making it very lively and quick in the hand, without sacrificing chopping power. A distal taper is very difficult and expensive to achieve with a factory made knife. The spines are also all cleaned up and feature a brush finish. Striking a ferro rod with the spine should not be a problem.

my parang handle
Copper rings improves the look of MY parang products

The copper ring / bolster is aesthetically appealing and compliments the whole look of the parang. It serves a beautiful and functional way of transition between the handle and blade. Besides looks, it also serves to strengthen the front of the handle, where most of the shock happens during chopping. Under the copper bolster we have also inserted a brass pin across the handle and stick tang. This is to ensure that the blade will never some out in any circumstances. You will have to brake the handle to cause the blade to come out , something which we believe would be impossible with normal use.

my parang choke upMost if not all genuine  parangs have an unsharpened blade section  a few inches after the handle. This is to enable the hand to choke up further into the blade for more delicate cutting tasks. This feature can also be seen on the Duku Chandong.

my parang epoxy
Tang and bolster is glued using industrial strength slow setting epoxy

To securely fasten the tang, handle and Copper bolster, we use industrial strength two part epoxy. We do not skimp on this as it is one of the most crucial parts of the parang. We have seen newspaper , hot glue, molten plastic , superglue and many other suspect ways of holding the tang in the handle, but nothing beats an epoxy specially formulated to bond wood and steel.

MY Parang Duku Chandong

The Duku Chandong or sometimes referred to  as the ” Ray Mears ” parang originates from East Malaysia or as some people call, Borneo. It is a very common blade shape there . The Duku Chandong is a general purpose parang and it is very common to see people in Borneo using it in their everyday lives.

my parang chandong
MY Parang Duku Chandong – Top is the 12″, middle is the 12″ heavy , and the bottom is the 10″

The main character of the knife is the sheeps-foot tip and how the handle is lifted up . While the sheeps-foot tip is very strong and suitable for prying, the upward handle causes the blade to arrive first followed by the knuckles. This is a great feature if you are cutting near the ground or near a solid object such as a big tree trunk , as it keeps your knuckles away and prevents if from getting bashed.

The blade also has a slightly upward curve, which produces a slicing cut. This type of cut is very effective at cutting small plants and shrubs.

MY Parang produces three different variations of the Chandong, the 12″ , the 10″ and the 12″ Heavy. The 12″ is the most common size and is often referred to as the ” go to” size. It offers good reach while not being too long nor too short. if you are looking for the best all rounder tool, this is the one to pick. The 10″ version is lighter and shorter. It is best suited for small tasks or when weight is a major issue. Despite it’s small size, it can still chop extremely well. As for the 12″ Heavy version, it is aimed more to those who will be using it to chop more than other tasks. Being made of thicker steel, the overall weight is considerably more and therefore is a beast at chopping. Heavy parangs do have a down side though, one is their overall weight and second, your arms get tired faster when using it. If you are going to use the parang throughout the day, we strongly get the 12″ version.

my parang heavy vs normal
The difference in spine thickness between the Chandong 12 ” and the Chandong 12″ Heavy.
my parang heavy comparison
Closer look of the spine thickness

The above picture shows the spine thickness difference between the 12″ Duku Chandong vs the 12″ Duku Chandong heavy. You can clearly see the difference in spine thickness as well as the distal taper .

MY Parang Golok

my parang golok
The MY Parang Golok 125 and 135

While the Chandong is common in East Malaysia , the Golok is a very common design in West Malaysia.  Goloks can be seen commonly sold in hardware and certain convenience stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia. It is common to have a golok or two at home, especially if you live in the suburbs. They are general use tools , from skinning animals to cutting weeds to opening coconuts.

my parang golok forge marks
The tell – tale tip of the Golok

Goloks can be characterized by the pointed tip as can be seen above. The tip is pretty strong and the point makes it easy to dig and pry holes. Due to the shape of the tip, it is not really suitable to chop with it, compared to the sheeps foot tip. Goloks also have a prominent belly which can sometimes be a problem with sharpening, especially if your sharpening stone is wide. The belly

The larger Golok, the 135 is a heftier parang which is more suitable for chopping and rough work. The smaller 125 is suitable for lighter work and is considerably shorter and lighter. We have no idea what the 135 and 125 mean, but they seem to be a universal “model” throughout Malaysia , ie a 125 golok bought in different states will be the same design and same length / weight.




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My Parang Nylon Sheath

my parang sheath back s
The MY Parang nylon sheath – available in 12″ , 13″ and 17″

Let’s have a closer look at the MY Parang Nylon sheath that comes with your MY Parang cutting tools.

my parang sheath front s
The back view of the MY Parang nylon sheath

Firstly, the sheath is made of 1000 D nylon, a robust and very abrasion resistant fabric. We chose Nylon over traditional material such as wood and leather due to the practicability of the material. Nylon is light, relatively cheap , strong , stable and dries fast. This is important as the sheath normally takes a beating when you are walking through rough terrain or are in the jungle. Sheaths scrape against rocks, tree trunks, get caught in vines and rattan fronds . You might also get them mud caked and wet while crawling or climbing over and under obstructions . The sheath does not have any drain holes but will slowly drain water out.  Nylon material will dry much faster compared to wood or leather.

my parang sheath width s
The sheath mouth opening

We have three lengths of the sheaths, the 12″ , the 13″ and the 17″ . The width of the sheaths are all the same – approximately 2.5″ wide. It looks much wider in the picture above , but it is really about 2.5″ wide. The sheaths will fit knives with a blade of up to two inches wide.

my parang sheath belt loop s my parang belt loop width sThe pictures above show the belt loop , all MY Parang nylon sheath come with a sewn in and reinforced belt loop . This belt loop can easily fit belts up to 3.5″ wide. Army and backpack hip belts will not be a problem.

my parang molle distance sAnother feature that you will notice on the MY Parang nylon sheath are the ” molle straps” going across the sheath. They are not true molle straps – their distances are more far apart – but they work fine for attaching small items to the sheath. As parang users ourselves, we often find that we tend to attache small items to our parang sheaths for example – a lighter, some rubber tube, a smaller knife and perhaps a small sharpening stone. By having these molle straps, a small pouch can be attached securely to hold these essential items safe and secure.

my parang sheath option 2 s
The Maxpedition single sheath paired with a Mora basic
my parang sheath option 3 s
The Mora basic is held very securely by the belt loop, and the bottom part of the knife sheath can be held down with some paracord or rubber inner tube.

my parang sheath option 1 sAs you can see from the above picture, the sheath can accommodate a small pouch such as the Maxpedition Single sheath pouch  and a Mora basic stainless steel fixed blade knife. You can actually fit most molle pouches and it’s a matter of personal choice. We leave the finer details for you to customize and suit your preference.

my parang sheath retention strap s
The handle retaining strap – keeps your parang secure
my parang sheath retention s
Your parang will not fall off even when held upside down.
my parang retainer loop s
The handle retaining strap can accommodate handles up to 1.5″ in diameter

To add security to the MY Parang nylon sheath and to prevent your parang from falling out , we have included a handle retainer strap. Unlike most knife sheaths, the retainer strap works poorly and some knives fall out when you hold the sheath upside down. This is more apparent if the handle is round and does not have a choil / quillon / guard .  In some sheaths , we have even see the knife fall out  AND cut the retainer strap off. That’s not a good design in our opinion. The handle retaining strap on the MY Parang nylon sheath has a Velcro closure so it can accommodate various handle diameter and shapes, plus it does not drop your parang or knife when holding the sheath upside down.

my parang sheath collar 2 s
The end of the bolster should be resting on the rim of the sheath opening

When the parang is in it’s sheath, the end of the bolster should be resting on the rim of the sheath opening. The blade tip inside the sheath should be hanging free and not touching the end of the sheath. This is best for the parang and sheath, though it may rattle a bit when you are moving around.

my parang sheath collar sIf you are bothered by this, you can also temporarily secure the parang loosely in its sheath by pushing the bolster into the sheath opening. Be careful when doing this , do not force the blade too hard down as it will cut through the sheath and potentially injure you. Alternatively, squeeze the sheath with your fingers so that the bolster drops in. This is not the best way to sheath your parang, and whenever possible, use the handle retainer strap with the bolster resting on the sheath rim.



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