MY Parang – Parang Machete

Another new model for 2015! This time it’s a very familiar parang shape that most people would recognize. People always refer to the Parang as a “Parang Machete” , so here is our version of the famous Latin American chopper!

MY Parang -  Parang Machete
MY Parang – Parang Machete

One glance and you will know that this model is modeled after the machete. However, machetes are normally made of thin steel and is usually long. For this parang machete, we made the blade 12 inches, and of course with thicker steel and with a distal taper. The result is a very light chopper which is very quick in the hand, but chops very well. If you are looking for something light and a chopper which you can chop all day long, this one is an excellent contender.

The flat edge makes it very easy to sharpen , and sharpening a Bidor made parang is always a pleasure.

I know some of you will be asking for a longer version – 14″ , 16 ” etc. we may look into that, but for the moment, lets enjoy the 12″ version first. Try it and you will definitely be impressed!

Here are some stats for those who like numbers:

– Blade length – 30.5 cm / 12 in
– Handle length – 17 cm / 6.7 in
– Overall length – 47 cm / 18.5 in
– Widest blade – 5.0 cm / 2.0 in
– Weight – 560 grams / 19.8 oz
– Gross weight ( with sheath and box )  – 850 gram / 30.0 oz

my parang bulan 3 my parang machete 1All the other goodies like the Nylon sheath, squared spine, stick tang, distal taper, 5160 high carbon steel , zone hardened ,  wooden handle with pin are on this parang as well. Not to forget, hand – made.

We are also in the process of making a video on the Parang Machete and we will update the video page once it is done and uploaded.

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  1. hi ,
    i am staying in Kuala Lumpur . Can i know where is the place where i can purchase your Parang .

  2. Hi there, im staying at nilai.
    May i know the price for parang machate complete with their nylon sheath?

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